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Artist, Designer, Advocate, and Teacher; Prof. John Paul “Lakan” Olivares work is inspired by his travels around the archipelago and living with different urban, rural and tribal communities. In these travels, he has searched for the Filipino spirit, which he tries to share in all his activities. In his paintings, he reflects a soulful connection with the various traditional indigenous cultures and the sensibilities of the people. Passionately rooted on Philippine lore, the free spirited artist orients his audience to his journeys by way of graphic representations of nationalistic concepts which are simply expressed, yet sincerely articulated by his meditative art process. Beyond native motifs etched in his art, Olivares conveys themes that celebrate universal connectedness by his environment, which inspires him to share his own visions of beauty through his varied works. Professor Olivares is currently a teacher in the Far Eastern University, Institute for Architecture and Fine Arts. He was the former department head for Art History and Theory, and is presently the department head for Technical Courses. Mr. Olivares also works as a freelance production and graphic design. He is also a staunch supporter of environmental and human rights groups; and he also gives talks on arts, culture, history and social change.